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Jen Scott, LCAT, ATR-BC is a Holistic Therapist, certified Usui Reiki practitioner, group & workshop facilitator, teacher, artist, and creator of MOON + DEVA, an online shop inspired from the heart. Her approach is informed by contemporary psychotherapy, guided visualization, mindfulness meditation, energy healing, and creative arts therapy. Jen received her masters degree in Creative Arts Therapy from Pratt University and has subsequent training in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, CFT/Compassion Focused Therapy, Integrative Psychotherapy, IFT/Internal Family Systems, Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, Shambhala Meditation Instruction, MBSR - Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, and Usui Reiki. She has privately studied meditation and energy healing, such as guided visualization, shamanism, and the chakra system with some of the most renowned teachers available today. Jen has conducted workshops and trainings nationally and internationally and taught for the graduate art therapy departments at Pratt University and School of Visual Arts. 


MOON + DEVA is a heart-inspired shop created by Jen celebrating objects of beauty, mindful action, joyful creations, and intended to uplift energy. MOON nature is the feminine in all of us. It inspires us to emotionally connect to the light within, deeply listen to our intuition, and greatly honor ourselves as expressions of Spirit. DEVA nature is the masculine in us all. It is the divine wielder of knowledge and creative energy, and the earthly embodiment of compassion and love. Joining MOON + DEVA creates harmony, balance, and completes the circle of wholeness.



Dear Reader,


Thank you for being here. I want to share some aspects of my journey with you and tell you how I came to greatly benefit from the selected skills that I offer. I didn’t always love being here or myself, but I do now and I believe you can too.


Growing up, I had a lot more to “act-out” then to say. I dove into darkness far too young, pushed limits beyond normal experimentation, and lost myself in people and substances as an expression of the way I felt invisible. This continued into my early twenties.


I started drawing more and it gave me a positive place for my feelings rather then drowning them, numbing them, and killing them off. I was giving myself permission to feel and the art was containing it. I packed my bags and moved from CA to NYC to go to art school. Part geographic, part individuation, I learned I could change things.


I loved the quiet sanctuary of making art. I created an installation of large-scale hanging pod sculptures, oozing and dripping pink wax, skins coated in tiny tuffs of wispy fur; paintings of rabid dogs, mouths foaming and aching to swallow the viewer; 1,500 1.5” octagons sewn together to create a wall of light and shadow; and 9 sheer white panels, each stamped with the impression of a person’s inked, naked body, ethereally hung over the student rush of the school’s main lobby. I found an artistic way to channel my feelings and express my inner world, but I yearned for insight.


I went to yoga. I cried. I went to al-anon. I cried more. I went to therapy and I finally felt seen. For the first time in my life someone was deeply, intuitively listening to me from a present state of being. I could feel it in my bones. He empathetically responded to me without judgement, sensed what I was feeling before I even knew it, and helped me make connections between my feelings and experience. He gave me words that began to soothe and organize my tangled insides.


I went to graduate school for Art Therapy and then studied a multitude of therapeutic approaches at several post-graduate programs. I was voracious for theory, technique, and practice. I worked with kids in foster care, homeless LGBTQ teens, and chronically mentally-ill adults in a psychiatric hospital. I created and ran a health and wellness program for court-involved youth in an alternative-to-incarceration program and facilitated a creative arts therapy open-studio for suicide survivors. I had finally landed and could breathe. It made sense. I was making meaningful contact with others and wasn’t afraid of the darkness, mine or theirs. There was a bigger energy coming through me and I decided to listen.


I started meditating. I went to community sits, workshops, and retreats. My teachers spoke of self-love, compassion, forgiveness, and lovingkindness. I deeply resonated with the visualizations and welcomed my heart cracking and breaking open again and again.


I was blessed to work with an incredibly skillful channeler, akashic record reader, and several shaman. They taught me there’s a difference between life experience and one's true nature and by breathing space between those aspects, there are lessons to receive. The concepts profoundly resonated with me Physically, Emotionally, and Mentally.


They also told me that I never had to do anything to be worthy of love in the first place…What?!


I dove into vulnerability. Named my truths. Honored choice-making as an expression of self value, authority, and love. I embraced the connectivity of all beings and surrendered into the realm of Spirit. Call it Universe, God, Higher Power, Love. It is an energetic and divine life force that runs through all of us. Through the ages. Through time and space. Through all dimensions.


This is the multi-dimensional work I choose to offer you. The path I walk myself. I will journey with you to deeply connect with your ego, your heart, your spirit... yourSelf. I will offer you a safe, honest, and compassionate process that encourages you to unpack, heal, and expand your insights, wisdom, authority, and true freedom.


You are your own healer, as I am mine. I welcome you. I am so glad you’re here!


From the heart,