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Jen offers her version of Holistic Therapy as an integrative approach of evidence-based therapies, mindfulness meditation practice, and energy healing techniques. She provides a safe space to deeply process emotionally-charged life experience, cultivate mind-body awareness, and promote spiritual vitality. Jen frames Holistic Therapy as a strength-based approach that taps into the existing wisdom within each person and empowers them to experience greater ease and freedom.


Holistic Therapy encourages a person's emotional growth and supports the recipient to identify root causes of pain, confront resistance, and reframe core beliefs, negative patterns, and storylines that cause suffering.

Jen blends a combination of contemporary psychotherapy theory - Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, Compassion Focused Therapy, Integrative Psychotherapy, Internal Family Systems, and Ericksonian Hypnotherapy with the approach of Creative Arts Therapy, Guided Visualization, Meditation and MBSR, Shamanism, Chakra Healing, and Spirit Skills to offer her clients an opportunity to process emotionally-charged life experience, identify feelings and defenses, learn how to hold space for and respond to emotions, release blocks and resistance, listen to one's own inner wisdom, love themselves, and align with wholeness.



Reiki is an ancient form of healing that delivers Universal Life Force energy to reduce stress and tension, increase ease, nourish the nervous system, balance the endocrine system, release energy blocks, restore life energy, and encourage healing on all realms - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.


The Reiki practitioner is a clear channel for healing energy to flow, thus personal energy never mixes with Reiki energy. Reiki energy will go where it’s needed to clear, balance, and restore wellness to the whole person.


As a Reiki practitioner, Jen calls in Universal Life Force energy to activate her intuitive guidance and to offer an alchemizing experience to each and every person and session agreement.


Jen offers a unique collection of what she calls Spirit Skills to strengthen independent processing and expand a person's experience of individual Holistic Therapy sessions, Reiki sessions, workshops, and trainings.

Visualization & Energy Healing directives

A contemplative practice of using guided visualization, specifically informed by shamanism and chakra healing, in combination with mindful meditation breathing techniques to journey inward and offer soothing and compassion, increase positive emotion, and encourage spiritual connection.

Safe Space Nature Visualization - Jennifer M. Scott
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Intentional Thought

The practice of using affirmation statements, mental images, and mantras - the repetition of a sacred or intuitively guided phrase - in combination with the breath to increase focused awareness, grow positive regard and esteem, raise energetic vibration, and offer soothing and compassion to oneself.

Intentional Thought - Mantra - Jennifer M. Scott
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Meditation & Breathing techniques

A practice of meditation and breathing techniques, gleaned from Mindfulness and Shambhala meditation and Pranayama yoga traditions, to train the mind, relax the nervous system, clear the physical and subtle energy body systems, increase intuition, and raise energetic vibration to align with wholeness.

Concentration Practice - Jennifer M. Scott
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3-Part Breath Technique - Jennifer M. Scott
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Therapeutic Art Making

The expressive use of art materials to offer catharsis and insight to the artist’s instincts and feelings and increase emotional awareness, regulation, positive self regard, and empowerment.


An expressive process of writing through layers of feelings and thoughts to support self-listening, self-acceptance, increase intuition, emotional intelligence and regulation, and align with the wisdom that is you.