"Jen is a lighthouse of inspiration, motivation, and strength. I have greatly benefitted from her wisdom and profound guidance. She is an exceptional and deeply soulful therapist, healer and teacher."  -  A.P.

"I worked with Jen for over 10 years and in that time she guided me through my early growth as an Art Therapist and my own personal life traumas. Before finding Jen I worked with other therapists but it was not until working with her that I found the perfect mix of pushing and support that allowed me to explore deeper unconscious resistances and release them. At times we worked in art materials and mostly through talk, visual images and meditations. Our work together was a partnership and it is because of that work that I was able to come through the other side of trauma and stand confidently in my true-self."  -  A.M.

"Working with Jen is a privilege. She is nurturing and supportive, and her presence alone creates a feeling of calm around her. She is incredibly wise and insightful, and it is clear that she offers so much of herself in her work. Whether psychotherapy, mindfulness, guided mediations, visualizations, breathing exercises, and more, Jen is multi-talented and her mastery is evident in all that she does. Jen has been an important resource for me and I feel grateful and lucky for the meaningful work we have done together. I am excited for the people who have yet to discover Jen, and who don't yet know all the gifts and goodness that are awaiting them."  -  D.K.

"Jen has been a wonderful source of support, guidance and encouragement for me. She has helped me navigate my way through a divorce as a single mother, and although it has been a difficult process, I now feel stronger than ever. Thanks to her, I feel more emotionally, spiritually and mentally equipped to handle any situation that I may find myself in. Throughout my journey with Jen, I have also begun to heal many childhood wounds that have been hindering and burdening me for years. Her warm presence is so comforting and I treasure the time that I spend with her as I genuinely feel that she continues to guide me towards becoming my best self. I leave every session feeling empowered and centered and I am forever grateful to have her in my life."  -  M.D.

"I have been working with Jen for over a year now and my life has improved 10 fold. When I started, I was in a real rut - stuck in a place I had been many times before. I saw no way out. With Jen's help, and her use of traditional therapy, guided imagery, meditation and breathing techniques, I have broken through many old barriers and am living the life of my dreams. I am more free, artistic and stable because of her guidance. Jen is kind, loving, honest and strong which is exactly what I need. She really listens and always remembers what you say which is rare to find. I recommended two of my friends who now see her on a regular basis and also love her as much as I do. I can not recommend Jen highly enough! And even though I sometimes resist the guided imagery and breathing practice, it truly works!"  -  D.A.

"I have experienced such loving and generous support from Jen over the years. Through talk therapy, meditation and guided imagery practices she has helped me see and heal from the self destructive tendencies and shame I struggle with, particularly around body image and unhealthy living patterns. I value her insight and it has helped me untangle complicated struggles and emotions. I truly value and am so grateful for her and the processes she offers."  -  C.H.

"I have been seeing Jen for 5 years.  My Acupuncturist recommended her saying “I don’t know what you think of Art Therapy, but I send my Wall Street guys to her and they come back changed.” As a survivor of complex trauma, I can attest to how much my work with Jen has changed my relationship with my body. Having lived with chronic PTSD from childhood until age 28, I didn’t know the difference between intellectualizing a feeling and actually feeling it. Her deep wisdom and incredible compassion have helped me develop crucial insight at each phase of learning and recovery.  Over the years, several of my closest friends have begun to confess their gratitude for her insight, acknowledging that they too have benefited. I can’t think of a better example to recommend my faith in her abilities— I sincerely wish everyone could see Jen."  -  S.D.

"Jen has been a fantastic resource for me. Five years ago, I approached several therapists for help with lifelong anxiety and depression issues. After several rocky starts with other therapists, I felt immediately comfortable in my first session with Jen, and I’ve been seeing her ever since. She’s incredibly knowledgable, kind and approachable, and her style of therapy encourages a compassionate, honest, mindful approach to life. The insights I’ve had over the course of my treatment with her continue to inform many of the decisions I make every day, and our sessions together are of incredible help to me as I work to become a more skillful human. I'm lucky I found this one!"  -  D.J.

"My time with Jen deeply and permanently changed my life. I was referred to her by one of my meditation teachers at a time when I was really stuck in paralyzing fear and the head cycle of obsessive doubt that comes with that. From our first interaction on the phone, she was kind, supportive and thoughtful. I immediately felt very comfortable and safe in her company and in her space. I am no stranger to talking about my stuff as I have been in recovery for many years, but there was something about her as an objective and informed party that provided me with an experience that I hadn't yet had anywhere else. She walked with me through everything from my deep childhood trauma, to my feelings about the concepts of god, my questioning of everything I thought I knew in my twenties, to how to have simple communication with my then fiance about dishes in the sink. She addressed each topic with the same attentiveness and kindness, and I always felt safe sharing my thoughts, feelings and fears with her no matter how unflattering or unconventional. She was also grounded and confident enough to let me question her feedback when I needed to or lovingly stand up for myself if I thought we were going in the wrong direction. I never felt like I was a “patient” and there was no sense of hierarchy in the room. It was simply an open, loving, safe space where I got to come and get support, clarity and the courage to trust myself and to live the life I've always wanted. Jen consistently provided me with a variety of tools in books, mediation techniques, and art therapy, several of which I still use today and all of which have made an everlasting impact on my ability to walk through the hard stuff. I really can’t say enough about my time with her. If I still lived in the area, I would be seeing her every week."  -  K.V.

"Upon turning 40 and coming out of a hard relationship, I felt it was time to look beyond my support system of friends and family for some guidance and self reflection.  A dear friend had referred me to Jen a little over a year ago and honestly I can't imagine my weeks without her! Jen is beyond kind, intuitive and gifted, and navigates us through each session with such ease and grace that I wish I could start each of my days by talking to her.  Even when I have nothing specific to discuss, she casually finds something truly insightful and helpful to my life.  She has provided me with the necessary tools to make conflict resolution easier and provides fresh perspective and light to situations in which I feel weighted by.  Unique is her ability to guide me in making healthy and heartfelt choices in this crazy journey we call life.  Her nurturing goes beyond the call of therapist and I am blessed to have her in my corner!"  -  J.P.

"I've been seeing Jen for a year now. She came highly recommended by a meditation teacher. I came in with severe depression and she worked with me through talk therapy and guided imagery, my favorite part. I have been able to clear the cobwebs of my mind to shine light on past traumas and heal past injuries. I have since come out of the depression. I am so grateful to have come this far and to beat depression without drugs. I use the tools of meditation, visualization and positive self talk that I learned from Jen."  -  L.W.

"I have had the pleasure of working with Jen for 9 years now. In that time as her client I have experienced nothing short of genuine support, consistent care and kindness; a wealth of expertise and an authenticity that is a rare find. I look forward to meeting with Jen for sessions every week. She provides a safe space that is inviting, warm and comforting. Jen meets me where I’m at in the moment and on this journey of life. She is patient and continues to help me grow to my ultimate potential. Sessions with Jen are like a gentle detoxing of emotions. I am able to open up about anything and I leave feeling heard and supported. In my sessions with Jen she has pulled from various offerings including talk therapy, art therapy, guided visualizations, self healing practices including meditations, breathing techniques, mantras, affirmations and intentions. I have found these offerings to be extremely healing and often things I work on incorporating in my daily life. Jen has been with me through the best and worst of times and has never strayed. I am forever grateful for her support and guidance!"  -  T.M.

"I have known Jen for over a decade: first as an educator, later as a clinical supervisor, always as an incredible clinician and more importantly an extraordinary human being.  Jen’s innovative thinking and willingness to muddle through the tough stuff has provided important guidance to me throughout the years.  Her kind heart and ability to see the positivity and silver linings even in the darkest places has been invaluable to me. I consider Jen a role model and feel very lucky to have her in my life."  -  C.G.

"I have been talking with Jen on and off for the past four years, and throughout that time she has always been an incredible source of insight and support!  She has helped open me up to parts of myself that were previously dormant, as well as helping me find threads of continuity between my values, actions and feelings. Her compassion and kindness always show through in the passion she has for her work!"  -  A.B.

"I can’t say enough good things about Jen. I have had her as a professor and as a supervisor. She is a model of openness, discipline and authenticity. Her abilities to be creative, vulnerable, empathic and patient all create a strong and supportive environment which facilitates profound growth."  -  C.R.P.

"Coming from Japan to live and study in NYC, I felt stressed and alone. Deciding to see Jen for therapy was one of the best decisions of my life!! Through talk and art making, I was able to explore my feelings and thoughts with Jen in a safe and comfortable environment. I felt comfortable opening up to her in the first session. She is an excellent listener, never judged me and helped guide and empower me through some very difficult times. I currently live too far from NYC to see her in person, but we still connect and I greatly value her support. Her calming guidance gave me the strength before giving birth to my son. Jen is an awesome therapist and a beautiful person!"  -  S.A.

"I’ve seen Jen for individual therapy, as well as for family sessions as needed. She has consistently incorporated a mindfulness lens to the therapy work, which also included art making and guided imagery. She is empathetic, compassionate and open-minded and holds the space in such a way to ensure you feel comfortable and supported. Jen is easy to talk to and very knowledgeable. Her insight has helped me work through life’s ups and downs and develop a better understanding of myself."  -  J.K.R.

"I have been a client of Jen's for the last 8 years. She is incredibly supportive, emphatic, thoughtful, and encouraging. Through talk therapy, Jen has aided me in overcoming an Eating Disorder by helping me understand the roots of the disorder and the factors that were contributing to it. She has also helped me immensely in managing my anxiety. Jen has provided me with strategies and techniques to navigate various stressful situations. Working with Jen has provided me comfort at times that were extremely challenging. I highly recommend her services."  -  T.H.

"I wish to express my gratitude for Jen's presence in my life. The greatest therapeutic gift she gave me was a safe space. Jen was so thoughtful in recognizing my need for boundaries and for my space to be protected. With Jen’s help, I have learned to value and protect myself.  Jen is a thoughtful, empathic, and intelligent human being. Through Jen’s guidance, I have learned how to guide myself through reflection, art making, and introspective practices. I’m comforted to know that Jen is always there for me, and others as well." - S.R.

I cannot express how fortunate and blessed I feel to have worked with Jen. Talking with her healed old wounds I didn’t even know existed and for a long time scarred me. She helped me get to know my emotions, know how to deal with and let go of pain, and be curious and resilient. She taught me to listen to  my “flaws and weaknesses” and work with those parts to get to know myself better. I no longer live in New York, but when I have a moment where I feel like it’s just too damn much, I think about what Jen has told me, and with the power of my own mind, I am able to get through it. Therapy is good for the soul because you learn about yourself in ways you’d never expect. Just like anything you own… You research it, want to understand it, and keep it in the best condition. So why not do it for yourself too! - A.Y.

When I met Jen, her demeanor and office space were very inviting and I had a good feeling this therapeutic relationship was going to work out.  She is very flexible with different techniques to make therapy less anxiety provoking and it really does help.  I have been seeing Jen for eight years and during this time, I have accomplished a lot with her assistance. - A. M.

© 2016 by Jennifer M. Scott